get snapping with this fantastic Nikon Camera, and Explore Galore!


Get closer to the action with this brilliant camera

With its 20 megapixel sensor and 28 times optical zoom this Nikon camera is equally at home taking panoramic landscape shots or zooming in on wildlife. It's a great companion to take with you while you're out on your adventures.

This is a perfect all-round camera, yet at the same time you'll find it both stylish and compact. It's great for people who want to take 'better than smartphone' pictures. Oh, and if you do win this, we'd love you to send us some of your photos!

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I've been playing the pull a pint game for so long and couldn't believe it as I've never ever won anything before that it was my turn to win the top prize. All I can say thanks very much and look forward to prize arriving.

Ian, Reading

So pleased to win, I have been playing for a while with no luck but just in time for Christmas I win! Merry Christmas!

Samantha, West Yorkshire

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Jennings Cumberland Cream T Shirt

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Interview with the Head Brewer

We asked Jeremy Pettman:

What does a typical day for a head brewer involve?

Jeremy Pettman

He replied "There's no such thing as a typical day - they all tend to pan out differently, which is what makes the job so interesting. I usually start with a walk round the brewery to make sure that everyone is OK and that the daily operation is running smoothly. From then on it's often keeping the various spreadsheets up to date, and ensuring that we have sufficient raw materials. But I really enjoy spending hands-on time in the brewery - it beats driving a computer!"

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