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Jennings Toasts A New Look for the New Year

Jennings Toasts A New Look for the New Year

Published on 06/01/2017

Alongside a new range of seasonal ales, we have redesigned the pump clips giving the collection a bold and fresh look for 2017. Taking inspiration from our brewery, all of the pump clips have a textured background lifted from the castle brewery walls, with each clip having a unique illustration representing each seasonal ale.

The range of eight seasonal ales, including two classic Jennings beers will be available in cask and will showcase deep flavoursome bitters to fruity and aromatic lighter blonde beers. Firm favourites including ‘Redbreast’, a warming chestnut-coloured ale and ‘Golden Host’, a full bodied golden bitter stand amongst the new ales which include; Hop Commotion (July and August) and Via Ferrata (April).



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