1 Spiced Grape Chutney & 1 Tomato and Apple Chutney & 1 Red Onion Marmalade in Jute Bag

Jar of Spiced Grape Chutney:
Spiced Grape Chutney, made with Jennings Cumberland Ale. Great with cold meat and cheese.

Jar of Tomato and Apple Chutney:
Tomato and Apple Chutney, made with Jennings Cocker hoop, a light tangy chutney, ideal with white meat and mild cheese.

Jar of Red Onion Marmalade:
Red Onion Marmalade. Made with Jennings Sneck lifter. Rich and Flavoursome caramelised red onions. Fantastic with sausages and barbeques or stirred into gravy.
They come as a triple in a Hessian Jute Bag.

£11.00 (+P&P)